Taxi app development

Why Taxi app development is needed now these days? Taxi app development is the perfect solution to avail smartphone users with a comprehensive cab booking app. It almost feels as if users have access to taxis within the…

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Google redesigns Android brand

Google has just Redesign Android brand in the latest version, marking the third official design under its tutelage and the first change since 2014. The New Branding changes Its look of the Android wordmark and its new palette…

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Mobile App Development Process

The Key of Mobile App Development Process.   Why do we know the Mobile app development process? The number of smartphone users expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2019, the usage of mobile apps is sure to skyrocket…

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What is Flutter

What is Flutter? Flutter is a mobile app SDK for building high-performance, high-fidelity, apps for iOS and Android, from a single codebase. Flutter 1.0 launched in December 2018. Mobile app development is a relatively recent field of endeavor.…

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Why we use Agile Methodology

What is Agile Mothodology? Agile is a process that helps teams provide quick and unpredictable responses to the feedback they receive on their project. It creates opportunities to assess a project’s direction during the development cycle. Teams assess…

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