Google has just Redesign Android brand in the latest version, marking the third official design under its tutelage and the first change since 2014. The New Branding changes Its look of the Android wordmark and its new palette of available colors and officially kills off the full Bugdroid Robot with its head into the official logo.

“It’s really important for us to acknowledge that Android is in fact, a large global brand,” said Sydney Thomashow, Google’s lead for brand and creative for Android. “In thinking about the brand, we wanted to make sure that we are as accessible and inclusive as possible.”

Now, 10 years later, Google is retiring the sugary names for its Android version updates starting with Android 10 Q, which will now be called Android 10. Here’s what the official Google Redesign Android brand will look like:


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The new Google Redesign Android brand is simple and easy to understand, though not as fun. It’s more like Apple’s iOS, which goes up in numerical value every year (last year was iOS 12 and this year it’s iOS 13). But with Android, the dessert theme isn’t all that’s changing.

Now that the robot is going to show up everywhere as a permanent fixture of the Android brand, it’s been reduced to just a head to fit more seamlessly in a logo context. Google’s previous shade of green was the only official color for the brand and it didn’t pass WCAG accessibility testing. It also didn’t technically go well with any colors except white. That was a big problem for Google. The new palette passes the WCAG guidelines with flying colors and should make Google Redesign Android brand more accessible and more beautiful at the same time.

The new robot, the new wordmark



Google already gave the Android wordmark a makeover back in 2014 over the original, but 5 years later it’s time to shake things up again. The wordmark itself has slimmed down from the 2014 variant, but it’s now black instead of green. Bugdroid, the iconic Android robot, has been incorporated into the logo as well — or at least, just it’s head.

For those who still wish to use the full robot, Google keeping the previous brand’s assets available under the same Creative Commons license as before — so we’re bound to still see interesting uses for the old version of the full robot for years to come. The distinction here is that there’s no new version of the full robot with the new color scheme; it’s been reduced to a head as part of the new logo.

Moving to the Android mascot itself, Thomashow’s team decided to just use the head instead of the full body of the mascot. This allowed them to focus on how the robot could be more expressive while using fewer elements. Andy might not look very different, but it’s the small changes that make the biggest impact.


That’s where the new color palette comes in. You won’t see the new Android logo and Bugdroid in just the updated green color, but the following blue, navy, orange, chartreuse, and other alternatives. Android manufacturers can use these varying color choices to their liking not just in product packaging, but also in marketing materials.


The colors are obviously very complimentary, while also providing plenty of contrast between any two when you put them side-by-side. The overall Android rebrand also comes alongside Google’s decision to drop the “tasty treats” naming scheme from Android versions starting with the Android 10 release.

The new Google Redesign Android brand for Android 10 has the same curve you’ll find in the Android wordmark, referencing the robot. It all feels very similar and should help Android’s brand be much more accessible.

“So you’ll even notice in the mark for Android 10, that the same radius that you’ll see reflected in the Android wordmark has been carried through into the number 10. So that number “1” that you see has that same little curve, that same radius, which of course is based on the shapes that you see in the Android robot,” said Thomashow.

It’s nice to see Google embracing Android as part of the Google brand. I personally thought it would eventually shift the branding to something along the lines of Google OS. That’s still possible, but Google seems to be leaning into Android for now. The dessert naming scheme might be disappearing from products, but the core OS is still the same Android we’ve always loved.

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