Introduction of iOS App Development

iOS is a Mobile OS for Apple phones, which runs only on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch hardware. Apple provides resources and measures to create iOS applications for such devices. If you want iOS app development, therefore you need a Mac computer. However, it runs with the latest version of Xcode.

Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment of Apple. It is, therefore, suitable for both iOS applications and Mac computers. The graphical interface that you would use to write up iOS applications in Xcode.

This graphical interface includes iOS tools, SDK, frameworks, and compilers.  Therefore, all these designs and develop iOS apps.

You will also use this interface to write up codes and debug the applications. Also, Apple suggests using modern Swift programming language. Probably for native Best Mobile app development for iOS.

You must know that Xcode only runs on iOS apps and Mac, not on others to run iOS apps. Freelancer Groups is the best company,above all, we provide you with the excellent iOS and Mobile app development.



Which coding languages are used for iOS apps Development?

Apple products are becoming the standard of Smartphones day by day. iOS, an operating system of Apple, powered all the Apple devices. iOS users can develop iOS in native languages like Objective-C, Swift. You can build cross-platform native apps by using JavaScript, C or F#.

Therefore, users need to learn about iOS App Development, to develop an app for Apple devices like Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPod. You can choose the best programming languages of your choice for iOS app development.


Tom Love Brad Cox developed this programming language in the year 1984. However, it was the primary programming language used before Swift got launched in the year 2014.

Above all, it is the object-oriented and general-purpose programming language used by iOS app developers.


Anders Hejlsberg has created this programming language in 2000 at Microsoft. It is a straightforward, flexible, modern, safe, object-oriented, and open-source programming language.

C++ programming language is the most versatile language in the world.


The primary operating language of an iOS operating system for iOS app development in Swift. Apple has developed and launched this programming language in the year 2014.

This language became open-sourced by Apple in December in the year 2015 under the Apache License 2.0. It is also the programming language of tvOS, macOS, Linux, watchOS, and z/OS.


It is the most popular programming language of today’s time. Guido van Rossum created Python in the year 1991. This language is an open-source, general-purpose, and high-level programming language for iOS app development.

It supports object-oriented, functional, imperative, and procedural development paradigms. You can use this language to create functions, libraries, and end processing tasks for your apps.


It is the oldest programming language. C++ is used in android development to build APIs and blackened tasks. For iOS app development, there are various libraries available in the C++ programming language.


This language gets combined with technologies like CSS and others to build iOS hybrid applications. Hybrid applications are not native apps. These apps wrap around a browser control.

Which is the best programming language for iOS apps?

Swift is the programming language that is mostly used for iOS app development. It is a general & Multi-purpose programming language developed by Apple to develop iOS apps.

Here you will find why Swift is essential for iOS and Mobile app development.

Apple Inc. has developed this programming language for OS X, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux development. This programming language is the best alternative to Objective-C.

An ecosystem of devices of Apple recommends Swift as the most popular language developed by Apple.

It got named after Swift bird. This was developed to form a faster alternative to Objective-C. Above all swift also offers some other advantages over Objective-C, other than its speed.

These advantages are like safety, ease of learning, interactive, requires less coding, and others.

Swift has become the most popular iOS and the best Mobile app development programming language.

How can you learn about Swift Programming Language for iOS Development?

There are vast resources that you can use while learning Swift language. However, there is no exhaustive list because resources are numerous. But, here you can find some useful points to learn about the Swift programming language.

Official Apple Documentation:

You can start finding and learn about this language over its official website. Through its website, you can even keep abreast of new documents. Also, a swift book from Apple is one of the resources from where you can learn Swift.

This book is available online, and you can read it from there. Or, you can even download it as an iBooks version to read it offline. After reading everything from the book, you can start iOS app development for your Apple devices.

Apple.Inc hosts the World Wide Developer Conference every year. In this conference, they announce new changes and devices to SDK.

In the conference, however, they also teach developers how to implement newly introduced technologies in iOS app development.

There are specific guidelines for different platforms like iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Apple TC Human Interface Guidelines, OS X Human Interface Guidelines, and many more.

Above all things, there are even many blogs, articles, and tutorials on Swift programming language and iOS app development.

Newsletters are also a great resource to learn about Swift. In other words, these letters can keep you up with the latest news regarding Swift. However, you can also access free and premium courses available online to learn Swift.

Above all, there are also courses to read online and offline you can also take advantage of those.

Why are Freelancer Groups best for iOS app development?

Freelancer Groups is the best company for iOS app development. Most of you are not able to decide where to go for iOS apps. So, above all here is the answer, Freelancer groups. The company provides its clients with the best work.

It is working as a group of freelancers. The company provides services in the IT field. Freelancer Groups offer services for all like web development, mobile apps development, desktop software, android apps development, MAC software, and many more.

Employees at Freelancer Groups work at his or her place, as they all are freelancers. The employees working at the company have 4-5 years of experience in the IT field. The company works with Agile methodology to serve its clients’ base.

The company has a team of expert website developers, digital marketing experts, and designers. The team of Freelancer Groups grows organically to meet the requirements of its customers.

Best iOS app development companies

You would be looking for the best and top iOS app development company to accomplish or ahead towards your next iOS app project. Your search for the best iOS and mobile app Development Company would end here.

Here, we have collected a list of some best iOS app development companies and some developers that can offer you with innovative iOS app solutions by using cutting edge technologies.

The companies providing iOS app development help in India are best known for their helping clients. Such companies use fuel strategies to grow their business by delivering iPhone applications for their clients.




The list of iOS development companies is as follows;

1. Dot Com Infoway – Develops Mobile and Web Work for Businesses

It is an internationally recognized mobile app development offer a bouquet of cutting edge technical services. However, the company has experience of more than 18 years in the IT field.

Dot Com Infoway knows how to create and develop engaging mobile apps that connect organic traffic and audience to your business.

2. OpenXcell – A Leading Mobile app development company

It is a leading web and software industry, which is best known as iOS mobile app developers. The company delivers innovative solutions and develops creative mobile applications.

The company is best known as the top iOS app development company, providing world-class capabilities with an efficient team of developers of mobile app development.

OpenXcell provides effective app strategies and designs to develop and launch stand-out marketing.

3. Utility – Develop award-winning web and mobile applications

The company is specialized in creating and developing custom mobile apps and iOS software. However, it works with innovative partners to promote 500 brands. The company works with digital product strategists and top tier software engineers to serve its clients.

4. Consaquos Technologies – Award-winning Web, Software & Mobile App Development Company

This company is the best mobile app development company with iPhone, Hybrid, Android, and Windows applications development expertise in addition with.

Above all, Consaquos technologies have more than ten years of experience. After that as a result, in other words it delivers excellent mobile application solutions to its clients internationally.

The company provides a full range of mobile app development services from the USA, Australia, and India. In other words the technical team of the company ensures the timely delivery of solutions at affordable prices.

Freelancer Groups – Web and Mobile App Development Company

Freelancer Groups always works as per its client’s requirements. However, the company aims at building up a great team of freelancers’ under one roof and in above all we provide the best digital marketing services, graphic designing, mobile apps development, website development to its customers all around the world.

The expertise team of Freelancer Groups design and develop iOS apps for iOS users. However, the company uses an Agile methodology to deliver its services and business values.


In conclusion,  you would get a complete guide for mobile and iOS app development through this handout. There are various programming languages through which you can develop iOS applications.

Freelancer Groups can help you with designing and developing iOS apps for MAC software, Web development, Mobile apps development, digital marketing, and many more.

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