Live Gold Price is a precious metal in India which symbolizes our culture and wealth. Indian women love gold jewelry and the items made from it. Although Indian women have some greetings all the time, whenever there is an auspicious occasion or a festival, they use more.

Gold is so important to us that it is used in every important function. Hence its sales increase a lot on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

If you want to buy gold today, you use the Internet to see its Live Gold price. And you write and search live gold price in Google’s search box. Then you get a lot of links of live gold price there and you open any of them and see what the current price is.

Live Gold Price Chart

On many websites you will find some charts in which you can see the rising and decreasing rates of the live gold price, In the live gold price chart, you get the details of the last few days.

Today 22 & 24 Carat Gold Price Chart, And according to the date, you can know on what day the rate of gold was to understand the live gold price, see the image below.


22 & 24 Carat Live Gold Rate in India for Last few Days


Hope you must have understood how we look at the live gold rate chart and understand how much the gold rate will be today. If you live outside India and you want to buy gold on it, then you can do cheese in the evening.

only the difference of live spot gold rate. You may have to do some searching there, “gold price per ounce” or “Price of gold per ounce”, When you search them in Google, it will give you links to that live gold price.

Gold Price UK with Live Price Updates.

Freelancer groups have created a mobile app for a UK company that works on both types of OS(Android and iOS) called Gold Bank London. A London-based company that shows the live gold price of UK in its mobile app in a very beautiful way. In which you can see the live gold rate UK. In this app, you can see the Precious Metal Live Prices. You can check the rate according to the currency and its unit.

In Gold Bank London app you can see the Internal Buying Fix Which tells the live gold rate of Am and PM. If you go to see the same thing in any other app, then there are so many details that you get confused by looking at it. But in this app, you will get to see only as many things as you want.

In this app, you can see the LMBA London Fixing Price, In which you get to see the Am and PM of the whole week.

This is a custom mobile app in which the customer has made something different, which makes this app completely different from other apps. There is such functionality of notifications by which you can get any kind of notification according to your own.

If any offer or discount will be given by the company, it will come directly in your app’s message box, Just install that app in your phone. Here you do not need to share any contact details with any company.

I am attaching some screenshots which will make you very easy to understand.

live-gold-price-mobile-app             live-gold-price-uk              live-gold-rate-london

In this app you can see that, What is the gold price today. It took 24 working days for the freelancer groups to make this app, in which the entire Agile Methodology was followed. Freelancer Groups is a new mobile app development company whose goal is to provide the best mobile app to clients.

You can download this mobile app and test it well. I have given the below URL.



If you are in any corner of the world and you want to buy or sell gold on it, then you can find live gold Rates, All that you need is to put such a keyword on the Internet that you can get live rates of that country, city.

Just like if you live in Delhi and you have to know about live rates of gold, then you will search in Google, “Live Gold Price in Delhi”, “Live Gold Price in Delhi”, “Today Gold Rate: 22 & 24 Carat Gold Price in Delhi”, These are some of the keywords that you can see live rates of Delhi.

Evening things you can use for your Lucknow city as well, “Live gold rate in Lucknow”, “Live Gold Price Lucknow”, “Today Gold Rate: 22 & 24 Carat Gold Price in Lucknow”, In the same way, you can see the live gold price of that day in any city in any city.


What is the Difference Between Hallmarked Gold and Normal Gold?

The First important things are that there is no difference between the normal gold rate and Hallmarked Gold Rate. No one can charge you extra money for Hallmarked Gold.

It will also have the same rate, which is the rate of normal gold. Hallmarked only tells us how much purity of gold we have.

I  just want to tell you that, if you buy any gold, then you must see whether it is hallmarked or not? we need to mention that, hallmarked gold rates today in India do not differ in their pricing.

If there is no difference between normal gold and hallmarked gold, then you should always buy gold with hallmarked, This keeps your purity of gold and you can also sell your gold later at a good price.


Why is Gold a Good Option to Investment?

If you want to invest your money in anything, then investing in gold is very good. But before investing in gold, you should know about the whole things, like which gold are you investing in?

Are you covered under a tax? Have you understood your other investment projects with this? Investing in gold trading is right, but investing it for a short time is very right.

Gold rates keep increasing and decreasing due to which can be good for a short time. Many people are making good money by investing in gold Trading in India.

You can find some of the best Gold trading investment plans according to your city or country. If you want to find the best Gold Investment in India so you can use the Policy Bazaar to compare and make the best plan of gold investment.


Live Bullion Rate

Bullion is gold, silver, or other precious metals in the form of bars, ingots, or specialized coins. Bullion is used for trade on the market. The value of bullion is typically determined by the value of its precious metals content, which is defined by its purity and mass.

Investing in gold through futures contracts or Exchange-traded funds is not equivalent to owning gold. Gold certificates can be exchanged for the physical gold or for the cash equivalent at the Bullion.

If you are Sell and buy golds so you can find another keyword that is Bullion rate or Live Bullion price.

You can see the image bellow that how can you see the live Bullion price the UK and you can check any country.

I only explain to you that how you can find the bullion price in the UK.


Image Source

You can buy a bullion coin, that is coin struck from the precious metal and kept as a store of value, or an investment rather than used in day to day commerce. There are some best bullion Coin is.

  • US American Eagle
  • South American Krugerrand.
  • Australian Kangaroo.
  • Austraian Philharmonic.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf.

Mostly Investor buys Bullion Coin such as the American Gold Eagle and Canadian Gold Maple leaf.



Freelancer Groups are creating a New Mobile App for Live Gold Price, where you can see the Live Gold Price, Live silver Rate.

Freelancer Groups are provide any kind of Mobile app development services to any kind of user.

Hope you like the post so Please let me know if you want any kind of these services. We will provide you any custom Mobile app.


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