Why Taxi app development is needed now these days?

Taxi app development is the perfect solution to avail smartphone users with a comprehensive cab booking app. It almost feels as if users have access to taxis within the realms of their fingertips. Taxi app development and various taxi mobile solutions are disrupting markets in many countries.

Many companies may also adapt and build their own taxi service applications. A taxi app, usually, has high user engagement and customer retention.

Transport companies that are engaged in passenger transportation are aware of this, as well as the fact that a mobile application for a taxi is the best way to ensure customer mobility and help businesses stay afloat.

Mobile app development companies are playing a huge role in creating this app on various technologies for all kind of devices and OS. Our Taxi app development is one of specialization that involves driver and passengers with the admin.


Taxi App Features.

Taxi app development suggests incorporating certain functionality along with a neat user interface. We are divide 2 app here,

1.Passenger app.
2.Driver app.

In the Passenger app, these are the following features

Passengers need to register their account with the app provider to get this going.
GPS searching for the location.
Finding Driver nearby.
Tracking map for riding time
Rating and review system.


Once the driver applies to get registered with the company to drive a cab under that brand name, they ought to follow the norms.

Notification of getting the ride
Accept the ride.
Fare calculation
Map tracking



Administrative web Panel

The owner of the application (or any other person who has access to the administrative panel) can manage the processes from the inside and track all data coming into the application from both taxi app users and performers.


Standard Architecture of the System.

For creating any Taxi app, Freelancer Groups are following standard Architech, That is based on the Tripartite application, that will be created during the development of a Taxi mobile app is the fact that it will need a backend part.

You can check this image for more understanding.


The Architecture is divided into 4 part that is,

1. Database server
2. Back-end part
3. Front-end part
4. Mobile app.

System elements communicate with each other via API. API is developed together with the whole system.

Freelancer groups are using the queue and caching servers in taxi app development, build in the right architecture of storing data, customize a server to perform these tasks and conduct load testing.


What else to keep in mind during taxi app development?

Build a feedback function in the taxi app.
Complains and offers will be coming to the mails, so they can respond fast.
Push Notifications.
It’s a vitally important element for a taxi. Service notifications – about a new order, about a, just arrived car

Which technology to choose: iOS and Android to create a taxi application?

In these days both kinds of apps are available in the market, that is hybrid and Native. If the Business owner budget is limited so they will go with the Hybrid apps. where the Mobile app’s code written in a single platform and after that launch in both OS (Android and iOS).

If the business owner has no issue of the Budget so they will go with Native apps. The native apps are more attractive, and OS friendly, Because they have all kind of libraries and function used in Android and iOS OS. So, in my opinion, everyone goes with Native apps.

We can make you a taxi app with any of programming languages. It may be Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Objective C, C++, Ruby on Rails, etc. We may also help evaluate your taxi app concept from the initial stages.

To ensure the apps are convenient and retain the audience, it’s essential to follow the requirements for the design of iOS and Android OS that should be taken into account in taxi mobile app development.

Testing process of the application.

Testing is a more important phase of development. So Freelancer Groups have a testing team for all kind of apps, Taxi app is to test it on real users in order to know for sure whether the apps are understandable for the customer.

Conduct a survey of users at the design stage of mobile app development. Office staff or strangers can do the testing. They communicate via Skype or phone calls.

Publish the product with beta testing in Google Play and For iOS use Testflight tool with a small number of customers.

Collected estimates and reviews will help to find and eliminate the errors and improve the product, as well as facilitate mobile app development.

Popular taxi apps

Uber – the leading taxi app iPhone users can enjoy in 60 countries and 330 cities worldwide. The most advanced and innovative app for the taxi so far.


Curb – a taxi-hailing mobile app compatible with 50.000 cabs by Verifone Systems. $1.95 fee is charged from every ride, and users are able to pay with credit card from the app.


Easy Taxi – active in 12 countries and 170 cities throughout the world. 20 million users, mostly in South and Latin America, Arab Peninsula states.


Lyft – known for cheaper rides than Uber. While Uber average ride costs around $16, average rides with Lyft taxi app are at $12.


Gett – a GPS-based smartphone taxi booking app, operating mostly in the US and UK. Gett app claims to never apply surge pricing, that has made many Uber users look for alternatives.


Taxi mobile app development cost

The cost of mobile app development depends on the amount of working time for specialists. The more complex the functionality is, the more time the mobile app development will require.

Taxi mobile app is a complex client-server program. We tried to describe all key moments which should be taken into consideration during mobile app development.

Are you thinking about developing a taxi app? We are experienced in mobile apps creation and can help you realize your plans for promoting your business. Contact us to find out the cost for mobile development now.

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