What is Agile Mothodology?

Agile is a process that helps teams provide quick and unpredictable responses to the feedback they receive on their project. It creates opportunities to assess a project’s direction during the development cycle. Teams assess the project in regular meetings called sprints or iterations.

Agile is not a set of rules. Agile is not a set of guidelines. Agile is not even a methodology. Rather, Agile is a set of principles that encourage flexibility, adaptability, communication and a working software over plans and processes.

Benefits to the agile software development

Top software developers developed agile meetings. After repeatedly experiencing challenges and limitations from traditional waterfall development in real life projects, they wanted to create a more efficient process for analyzing project development. The approach they used addresses the issues regarding the philosophies and processes of traditional methods directly.

  1. The customers continuously get a look and feel of the project progress at the end of each iteration/sprint.
  2. Each sprint provides the customer with a working software which meets their expectations as per the definition of done provided by them.
  3. The design of the product is efficient and fulfills the business requirements.
  4. The development teams are quite responsive to the changing requirements and can accommodate changes even in the advanced stages of development.
  5. There is a constant two-way communication which keeps the customers involved, thus all stakeholders – business and technical – have a clear visibility on the project’s progress.


There are several agile methodologies; all share similar philosophies, characteristics, and practices. However, from the point of implementation each agile has its own practices, terminology, and tactics.


Important SCRUM Terminologies

1) Scrum Team


2) Sprint


3) Product Owner


4) Scrum Master


5) Business Analyst (BA)


6) User Story


7) Epics

8) Product Backlog

9) Sprint Backlog


10) Story Points

11) Burn down chart


12) Velocity


Activities Done in SCRUM Methodology

1) Planning Meeting
2) Execution of Sprint Tasks
3) Daily Standup
4) Review Meeting
5) Retrospective Meeting


Agile Methodology is an exciting and fascinating approach to software development. By integrating the product developers and customers in the planning and implementing processes, the result is a more rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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